Thursday, June 25, 2009

the zinnia fencerow

The zinnia patch has moved. No, not the blog, the actual zinnia patch. We've been working on clearing the brush around some of the nice Maples and Magnolias along the wild side of our property which means we've been mowing over the old wildflower patch. Sad, I know, but it was becoming too difficult to fight back the weeds and native grasses over there anyway. This year, I made a sudden "the baby is asleep-I might have an hour to work-what should I plant" decision one afternoon to dig a row along the fence line on the other side of the yard.
Kenna and I planted an abundance of Zinnia and Cosmos seeds as well as a few Amaranths and Marigolds and they are beginning to show their pretty little faces. In a few more weeks, I think that long stretch of bare fence is going to be the backdrop for quite a colorful show.


  1. Zinnias and summer just go together in my world view!
    you'll soon have an abundance of both!
    luv d

  2. My brain keeps mis-reading the title of this post, and the first time I read it through I kept expecting to see something about a scarecrow. Weird!
    I can't wait to see the FENCEROW in full bloom! How fun! Sounds like Kenna is inheriting her mama and granddaddy's love of gardening... :)


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