Friday, June 26, 2009

happy anniversary

That's my dad teaching a bunch of college kids on the beach to know Christ and make Him known, because that's what my dad does. He lives it and teaches it and preaches it on the beach. He's kind of amazing. My mom is kind of amazing right alongside him (she sent me the picture from her camera phone). Together, they are living in a crazy, noisy college dorm in Florida this summer with a bunch of crazy, noisy college kids. And they love it. They are having fun doing what they've always done as one amazing team -loving on students, investing their lives in them, training them and sending them out to be lights in a dark world. I hope those students know how lucky they are to have these two as "parents" for the summer.
Happy anniversary, mom and dad.
Have I mentioned how amazing I think you are?

And because I love old photos so much, here they are on that June day in the Great Hall of Glen Eyrie castle thirty-three years ago ...

(By the way, my amazing mom is here with me right now instead of celebrating the day with my dad and I couldn't be more grateful for her help and company! Dad will be here in a few days as well though and then Shawn will finally get home just in time for the Fourth festivities. Come on July!)


  1. How beautiful! Happy anniversary, Mom & Dad Day! :) Best wishes for 33+ years more...

  2. Kelli, I have always loved your family and thought you had some of the best parents around! Congrats to them on 33 years of marriage. That is quite a feat and so inspiring!

  3. Happy anniversary Mom and Dad! Jon and I hope we can be such a solid team at year 33.

  4. What a sweet post, Kelli. Congrats to your Mom and Dad! I know they have been a huge inspiration to my parents and provided them with a godly example and counsel when they got married 31 years ago. I never knew they got married at Glen sister Noelle and I just stayed there earlier this week. I took her there as a surprise for her 18th birthday. It's such a wonderful place!

  5. What a beautiful wedding it was...
    And what a beautiful marriage it is.
    Congratulations, W.M. and Lexie

  6. Keep it up Mr. and Mrs. Day! And Congratulations. :)

  7. What great photos and thoughts about your parents! I love that your parents give so much of themselves away to others in the name of Jesus. What a legacy they have already created!


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