Monday, March 30, 2009

snug as a bug

Kate spends a lot of time snuggled up close and cozy in her Lovey Duds carrier, allowing me two free hands as I go about the day. Why was I thinking my feet would reappear after I had the baby? It's OK. I like this view better anyway.

Friday, March 27, 2009

Thursday, March 26, 2009

new growth new plan

New spring growth is beginning to inch its way out of bare branches and beds, beckoning us to start working. I have yet to come up with a plan for how I will do it but I do have a plan for what I will do. I discovered last year just how bad the rabbit population is in our yard, so I have no choice but to avoid planting things they like to eat or face more frustration. While the they destroyed the backyard, they left the front mostly untouched and after compiling a list of "rabbit resistant" plants I know why (I searched sites like this one and this one). Most of the plants in the front yard happen to be on that list.

Hopefully this season will yield more full grown plants and fewer rabbit feasts. Here is a sampling of the planting possibilities for this year...

*Astilbe*Baptisa*Allium*Anise Hyssop
*Oregano*Lavender*Coreopsis*Lambs Ears
*Daylilies*Iris*Bee Balm*Zinnia*Cat Mint*Foxglove*Peony*

Birds on the other hand, are most welcome. I just wish we could attract them as well as we seem to attract the bunnies!

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

little prince & scattered mama

When Lisa was here I promised her and Joey hats. Lisa got a scattered mama hat like mine but in that pretty, creamy white wool. Joey was going to get a regular old baby beanie but then I couldn't resist this pattern for a crown fit for a little prince. It may not be warm enough for Spokane's still-harsh temps with it's open top but it is super cute as you can see in the above photo Lisa sent me. Here's a picture I took of Kate modeling it before I put it in the mail so you can see the top better...

Both hats are quick and easy one-afternoon crochet projects. I'm thinking the crown would make a fun first birthday gift and works just as well for a little princess in pink.

Sunday, March 22, 2009

one long week

We survived our first week alone together, me and the kids. First of many I'm sure. Tristan and Kenna are excited to welcome dad home tonight -they even made him a sign.

Thanks to the amazing meals delivered by friends, we ate more than cereal and string cheese and had some contact with the outside world every day. We enjoyed the spring weather and plenty of messy crafts. We even made it to church this morning -almost on time.

I would tell more about the week but I'm too exhausted. Actually, I don't even remember anything more about the's fading into a sleep deprived, foggy memory. I'm just glad we made it. And we're still smiling.

Friday, March 20, 2009

Hello, Spring!

Welcome back warm days, allowing Kenna's pants aversion to go unchecked and messy art projects to go outside.

Welcome back longer bike rides and walks outdoors that result in longer nap times and quieter quiet times indoors.

Welcome back growing things, garden tools, dirty fingernails and sore muscles.

Welcome back, Spring. We missed you!

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Some Time

Some Time
Last night, my darling, as you slept, I thought I heard you sigh, And to your little crib I crept, And watched a space thereby; Then, bending down, I kissed your brow -For oh! I love you so - You are too young to know it now, But some time you shall know.
-Eugene Field

Kate is one whole month old. Already.

Monday, March 16, 2009

these days

When Kenna was two weeks old, I found myself on my own for the first time with two kids. Shawn was away training, my mom had gone home and it wasn't so bad. I have two arms after all, we were managing fine. Then Tristan got pneumonia because that's what the poor little guy does around this time every year. I felt pretty tough after getting through that one but I look back now and see how easy I had it.
I recently joked with friends that we were due another round. My mom was headed home, Shawn was headed to Arizona, we have a newborn in the house...yep, it seemed to be that time. It's not such a joking matter when it happens though, as it did of course last week. Tristan's fever spiked to 104 on Thursday night and I knew what the doctor would say on Friday. Thankfully, I had just enough time left with my mom's help to make the doctor visit, clean out the local pharmacy and buy popsicles with relative ease before settling in for the long week.
Today, Tristan is doing fine and the girls are still healthy. These first couple of days on our own have been quiet and cozy with constant rain drumming out a calming rhythm over the house. Hopefully, I'll find my own rhythm soon and this new phase of life won't feel so beyond my two-armed abilities.
All I have to do is watch those three precious ones loving on each other and I know I would never trade these days for anything else.

Be strengthened by the Grace that is in Christ Jesus. 2 Tim 2:1

Sunday, March 15, 2009

missing you already

We had to say goodbye to my mom today. We managed to hold back the tears as we unloaded her bags at the airport. Mom said she'd save hers for the plane and I made it only as far as the car where Kenna asked, "go find Yiayia?"
I wish I could find words to say how truly thankful I am for my parents. For mom's hard work and care all these weeks and for dad being willing to let her go for so long - and mostly just for them being who they are all the time.

Thank you, Mom and Dad. We love you so very much.

Saturday, March 14, 2009

sew yiayia sew

As if all the cooking, coffee making, cleaning, clothes washing and diaper changing aren't enough -Yiayia has been sewing! It started with a mammoth job of replacing a couple of zippers in the boat's canvas bimini top (a job we now know my little machine was never meant to take on -but she's got mad skills and made it work!) We then decided curtains in the kitchen would be nice. I say we but I only ordered fabric and I may have sewn a few inches of a hem and probably jammed the machine in the process. Really, this was all Yiayia...

There is another little sewing project I've been wanting to try for months and months so I finally started on that as well. This one I'm actually going to do myself with my meager sewing skills. Maybe I'll have something to show for it soon. Or in like five years...

Friday, March 13, 2009

signs of spring

Red buds on a maple tree

cheery pansies on the porch

and pink cheeks under a warm sun.

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

marshmallow moon

Marshmallow roasting and moon gazing...not a bad way to spend a cool evening outside with the family. We were so glad to have Pappy and Grams (the Campbell's) here for the weekend. The time went too fast! I have one more week with Yiayia and then I have to give her back to my dad who I know is missing her terribly. Shawn will also be leaving town for a week so I guess it's about time I figure out how life is really going to work now. It will be fine. We will be fine. I know, because I've had these amazing mom's and dad's in my life showing me how it's done. What a blessing, their example and prayers and visits and help...what a blessing.

Sunday, March 8, 2009

off with the old...

That's our Captain pulling into the marina where a massive lift hauled the boat up and out onto dry land. Shawn is doing some sanding and refinishing to the bottom in his spare time (because he has so much of that...) After his first day's work in the boatyard, he came home looking like a smurf from the blue defouling paint.
When all the old paint and grime is gone, on will go fresh coats, a new stripe and even new lettering on the transom spelling out the boat's name. I'm so impressed with how much Shawn has learned about sailing and boat maintenance in the past year. It's a lot of information and a lot of work but worth it if you love it!

That work is going to pay off soon as The Summer Wind starts looking sharp, just in time for this summer's winds!

Thursday, March 5, 2009

diaper tales

We received a gift basket full of these personalized diapers from a very sweet friend. They are so cute on her tiny bottom it's too bad we have to let her poop in them!

Wednesday, March 4, 2009

march snow

I'm glad pansies are tough little flowers. My farmer-without-a-farm dad can't help but plant something in my garden whenever he visits and this time it was these bright pansies. (Thanks dad!!) My porch, front steps and deck were littered with empty pots and dead plants but he managed to fill them all with spots of color that made me realize spring really is just around the matter what may be falling from the clouds this week.

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

the artist II

As we've seen before, she has her own ideas about art (as she does most everything).
It does make for a fun show.
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