Thursday, June 4, 2009

june garden

We still have a couple weeks till summer but shhhhh! don't tell my garden. It doesn't seem to know.


  1. Gorgeous! Your tomatoes are already huge. And that hydrangea is beautiful. Do you know the variety? "Endless Summer" perhaps? We're still struggling to get temps out of the 60s here by chilly Lake Michigan, but I shouldn't complain - next week it will probably be 90. :)

  2. When we visited the botanical garden in Steamboat, I kept thinking how much you would have enjoyed it!

    Your garden already looks wonderful!

  3. I can almost taste those tomatoes. Mine aren't quite that far along, but I'm dying to make some fresh salsa. Can you come take pictures of my garden so it looks that good! Love the use of your wagon.

  4. Such a pretty garden...

    Does your mint (assuming that is mint in the first picture) last over the winter? I can't get mine to live for more than a year, although I've only had chocolate mint here. My chocolate mint died in Texas as well, but it might have been because we got a new dog who liked to eat my plants. Can't remember. I think my pineapple mint thrived like crazy and spread to my flower beds, but that all seems like such a long time ago.

  5. Christie,
    It's either Endless Summer or Nikko Blue...? Can't remember but it's right out front and so healthy -unlike the ones in my backyard that are still puny thanks to the dog chewing off the old growth every winter. Grrrrr that dog.
    I killed a Chocolate mint in a pot last year -very sad. It grows back here and spreads fast if it's in the ground so I planted it in a bed as well as that wagon and so far they are all growing really well.

  6. I kept hoping mine would come back in the pot, so I continued watering dead plants for months. You know - just in case. I finally gave up, and I bought two more at the farmers market. Maybe some day I can plant them in the ground.


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