Saturday, June 6, 2009

I will not eat them sam I am...

I never thought I could lose my cool so completely over three bites of carrot or that I would be a "you will sit there till you try it!" kind of mom. I also never thought I would have a child capable of holding food in his mouth for an hour with no sign of surrender. I am that mom and I have that child.
I've tried everything! I let him choose the meal's veggies, we cook together, I hide them in "sneaky" recipes but still, he thinks they are out to get him.
Once, after several nights of fighting the vegetable battle, I served cereal and apple slices for dinner. We both needed a break. Tristan looked at the meal before him wide eyed and said, "Mom, this is the best dinner I've ever had!"
Another kid favorite in our house is green eggs and ham and lately the kids are really into picnics so they will eat pretty much anything if it's out of a lunchbox on the floor.
I'm hoping that if we keep mealtimes interesting with the occasional drops of food coloring, bowls of cereal or lunchbox surprises, Tristan will become more receptive to those enemy vegetables. Or at least maybe he will take his "thank you" bites without gagging.


  1. Keep persevering- I shamelessly smother vegetables in other flavors: broccoli or cauliflower in american cheese; green beans stir-fried in soy sauce & sesame oil; carrots or sweet potatoes in butter & brown sugar & cinnamon! My hope is that they will get used to the taste of the vegetable and I can gradually phase out the smothering.

  2. When you figure it out, I want to know! Grant seems to be getting more and more picky the older he gets!

  3. THAT is the major battle at our mealtimes, as well. Both boys refuse to eat anything (naturally) green. I guess that all I can really do is offer it to them, disguised/creatively prepared/hidden and all!! :)

    Now, do YOU eat the green eggs, too? As it is at the moment, eggs turn my stomach - and I really don't think I can handle green eggs. I give you major kudos for even preparing them... :)hehe

  4. I'm impressed that you perservere so well! In my house it's "Want pop tarts for dinner again, sweetie?"

  5. I had one and I slowly have two going the no veggie route. I have hidden them and had them in the usual form. The best is calling them weird names (alien rocks for broccoli) or trying a line of "dips" (which include some veggie purees). I am about to try make your own edible faces and animals. Anything to get them to try it too. Calvin has gag on demand that is super unpleasant. Ironically, the biggest gag reflex....mashed potatoes...Good luck!!! You're a rock on MOM!


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