Thursday, June 18, 2009

a first

I thought it would be difficult, taking scissors to those long baby locks for the first time, but it wasn't so bad. Kenna enjoyed her moment in mommy's bathroom floor salon and the result is adorable. I've also spent much less time washing mysterious sticky substances out of it since then. She is apparently over her fear of the hair dryer and makes regular trips into the bathroom to style her new do. Such a girl.


  1. I just love that one- or two-second anticipation every morning between the mouse clicking on your shortcut and the blog popping up and thinking "What's it going to be today." Well, today I laughed out loud. Thanks.

  2. Like Sharon, I can't wait to click to your blog each morning. I love Kenna's hair and she's just beautiful! Reminds me a lot of her mom at that age.

  3. WHat a doll Kenna is. Love her new hair do! and I am just the same and Katherine and Sharon, I LOVE LOVE LOVE checking your blog daily :-) I'm always a little dissapointed when nothing new is posted :-)

  4. This second one looks so much like her mother at that age, that I donno if I could tell your pics apart!

  5. well, I love your comments and the little links to the outside world they bring me each day:) I love that this blog allows me to share moments like this one with you all since I can't just come knocking on your doors as often as I would so love to be able to do.
    and Lisa, I'm still waiting on that blog of yours...

  6. I love it! Kenna is precious and looks like so much fun!


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