Friday, August 15, 2014

the one year old

donovan zachary on his first birthday ~ august 6, 2014 ~ college station, tx.
On August 6, as we were traveling through Texas, Donovan turned one. We shaped a watermelon into a birthday cake and sang to him as he just looked at us, tired and confused. It wasn't the most festive of birthday parties but that it in no way lessened our joy in marking one year of this little boy's life. We didn't have fancy invitations or pinterest decorations or even a gift for our baby boy, but we had everything that matters- family, a healthy kiddo, joy. I can't believe it's been a whole year since we first held this tiny boy. He's still tiny by the way, weighing in at a whopping fifteen pounds. He's sporting the cutest head of soft baby hair and seven smiley teeth. He hasn't felt the need to use real words just yet but we can tell walking is just around the corner. His siblings worship the ground he crawls on.
Every day he's a surprise. An incredible gift. And he's one. Our baby, Donovan, is one.
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