Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Switching to Decaf

This morning I plan on going for a run. Tristan will be at pre-school, Kenna will be at 'mom's morning out', I will be alone! It will be just me and my iPod, no stroller to push, with blooming Dogwoods and Wisteria and Azaleas all around...I feel refreshed and sore-but-in-a-good-way just thinking about it!
So of course, it's raining today.
So of course, I find myself at Starbucks instead.
I get my run of the day going from the car to the door and walk in drenched and dripping, with a gift card to spend and a book to read. Instead of my usual coffee, today is a day for a Grande! Non-fat! No-whip! Cinnamon! Dolce! Latte! please.
After all those college years spent working in a coffee shop I developed a sort of disdain for orders like that. There were endless, meticulous requests for what amounted to a drop of coffee in a vat of sugar and cream and chocolate. I wanted to look at the offending customer and say "Just try plain coffee for once, OK?! You're in a coffee shop and there's no coffee in your coffee!"
But now I'm on the other side of the counter and my drink order is longer than my address and I don't care. I'm soaked and cold and it tastes oh-so-good. I will stand in line and chuckle to myself as I hear the barista call out orders in a singsong voice with that familiar hint of sarcasm and wait for my own warm cup with the mysterious markings on the side like Chinese characters.
Then I will remember that I decided to cut back on caffeine and I forgot to add- Decaf!


  1. A lovely little mini-essay! Sorry about your run, though. :( Hope you enjoyed that caffeine!

  2. At least you didn't order a "SS" - Sorority Special :)

  3. Oh no!!! My partner in crime is switching to decaf what am I gonna do?:)

  4. Kelli, you never cease to amaze me. How is it that you can take an ordinary book & cup of coffee & make it look extraordinary?

  5. So which book are you reading?

    I love to read and like to know what other people are reading, too.

  6. this day it was Jerry Bridges, 'Respectable Sins' -not quite done but already willing to recommend it!

  7. I'm slowly working on that book, too.


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