Sunday, June 7, 2009

weekend moments

The smell of fresh cut grass and barbecue wafts into our yard where we are eating popsicles for dinner and I'm trying not to have a Friday night pity-party. We go into town Saturday and see dads everywhere -they are having lunch with their kids, playing at the park with their kids, reading race car books at the bookstore with their kids. Sunday they are holding kids in their laps at church and offering to walk with the crying baby. Kenna says "I miss daddy, he's at wook" and Tristan asks for the one hundredth time "when will it be July?" Meanwhile, I'm thinking, "when will this week really end? Every day feels the same." I shouldn't complain though. I know I shouldn't. I'm thankful (so thankful) that for now, my husband has only gone as far as the Gulf Coast while so many others are much, much farther away for much, much longer stays. We can make it through a month. We will. Especially if we have a few more moments like this one. Kids in pajamas, giggling at the sight of dad on the computer screen, begging us to "make silly faces" ("audibles" on yahoo chat -they are pretty funny) and sort-of listening in their jumpy, excited way as he reads to them from The Hobbit...

These moments remind us he's never too far away to be dad.


  1. I love how well you and Shawn do at this "military thing." Your kids know their dad, and not just from afar. He may be gone more than you like (or a lot more!) but he is more of a father and husband than many men are when they are home all the time. What a treat to talk and listen to a book online. I love that picture!

  2. My house has ten people living in it or I would have you come and stay with me. Is your mom here next week or the week after? Kurt is in PA all next week and the Mosley B&B will be empty if you want to come up while Shawn is still gone.

  3. Thank you Laura! We want to come visit you guys so bad -we will have to make it work soon.
    My mom gets here this coming Wednesday -woo hoo!


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