Saturday, June 13, 2009

saturday market

The Farmer's Market was a happening place to be this morning despite the heat. In addition to the usual local fare, there was a blue grass band, petting zoo, hayrides, watermelon eating and cow milking contests, balloon twisting clowns and so much more. I was sorry I didn't take my good camera. I had to make do with my little pocket Nikon but since I was juggling a stroller, drippy snowcones, sticky children and our produce pickings anyway I let Tristan handle most of the photo taking (he took that tractor photo).

I handed him the camera with some inspiring words about the beauty of all the fresh produce and cut flowers, the animals and the sweet old couples in the band and what do you suppose he chose to photograph? Vegetables? Remember who we're talking about here...

It's blurry but I'm sure you can tell what it is. That's right, the German pastry seller. Who needs fresh corn on the cob and tomatoes when you can have sticky buns and snow cones??


  1. Atta boy!! :)
    That's too cute - I love seeing his perspective! No really, he's got a great little perspective point - especially on that tractor shot!

  2. That's hilarious!
    A boy after my own heart!


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