Saturday, June 20, 2009

goodbye spring

Today is the last day of spring and we are appropriately entering a heat wave as the temp is supposed to reach near 100 degrees! Yes, spring has certainly made her exit and summer is well upon us. We are prepared though, so bring it on. Bring on the water fun, the ripe blueberries, the sailing, the fireflies and the wildflowers. Bring on the tan lines on those freshly bathed bottoms; the little wet heads smelling like shampoo and sunscreen, bent over storybooks and worn out from a day outside. Bring on the bike rides under streetlights, the glow sticks and sparklers; the cold drinks with friends while kids run in the sprinkler. Bring it on, Summer! We're ready for you.


  1. Thanks for the much-needed positive outlook towards summer! I feel like we've been in the throes of a 95+ degree, very humid summer for over a month now (oh wait, we have), and it's wearing on this girl already. I do look forward to "non-pregnant" summers in the future, when I can slip-n-slide with my boys and enjoy those bike rides by glowstick light.
    Love the pic of T & Kenna with their popsicles... :)

  2. Lovin' the picture of Tristan and Kenna together...before you know it, Kate will be eating a popsical with them!

  3. Yay Sharing! So so cute. Did you get the email thing all figured out?


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