Monday, June 8, 2009

the Day girl dress

Once upon a time, a mom named Lexie Day had three little girls. When her first baby girl, Christie, was three months old, she had her photo taken in a blue flowered dress with a white pinafore all edged in ric-rac and eyelet trim. When second daughter, Kelli, and third daughter, Lisa, turned three months old, they also wore the dress and had a photo taken. An ordinary dress had become very special and the mom decided to keep it forever. Years later, those girls grew up and Christie had a baby girl of her own named Lillian. The dress was brought out and lovingly passed on to be worn by this newest "Day" girl.

After that, some boys were born. They didn't wear the dress.

Then, along came Kelli's little girls, Kenna and Kate. They did wear the dress! It has yellowed and faded with time but all that wear is a reminder of each tiny one that has been loved, cooed over, dressed up and honored with her moment in the Day girl dress.

(Hopefully, one day soon I'd like to compile the photos so you can see them all together. The family resemblances among them is kind of amazing.)


  1. Wow, I love the b/w one of her in front of the mirror. Absolutely beautiful, and what a cool family heirloom!

  2. You have such a beautiful way of telling that story! Aren't traditions wonderful?

  3. What a lovely "nursery tale"! I'd love to see the photos all together - you're right about the resemblance.

  4. I have to boast!---- I do have some beautiful grandchildren! What an absolute treat for these old parents! lv d


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