Saturday, February 22, 2014

this long wintery winter

Snowfall in Idaho.
ice and fog
An ice and fog wonderland in Washington.
Even Florida saw it's share of freezing weather.snow day
This winter has been long and wintry and I know most of you are over it. The shoveling, the cold, the wet boots at the door, the snow days (so many snow days!) I know it's hard to remember that night back in December when you eagerly awaited the first snowfall with excitement that rivaled your kids. The new hats were so cute. The mittens still matched. You went to bed late because you couldn't seem to leave the window and your breath fogged up the glass as you checked once more for a sign of flurries. Come on, remember?
When you awoke to a clean, white world, you ran out into it laughing. Later, your kids shivered and whined about snow in their boots and not enough marshmallows in their cocoa but you smiled and savored even that. It was snowing.
me & my girls
me & him
I know, I know. How can I possibly understand how you feel now in February, so many months and so many feet of snow later?
I am in Florida, where the ice storm passed quickly and the flip-flops came back out to play. Already this week I have heard the words, "But it's too hot!" Already I have seen Redbud trees in full fuchsia bloom. Already I have washed thick yellow pollen from my windshield.
It is Springtime here. Already.
I should be jumping for joy but somehow the transition from season to season in this place always leaves me feeling muddled. ("Wait, winter is over? That's it?! Oh. So then next week it will be summer again. Forever.")
snow cheeks
Let's all just stop for a second and smile. You have too much beautiful snow. I have too much beautiful sunshine. When I put it that way I feel a bit silly, don't you?
Oh. Ok then.

Thursday, February 20, 2014

when you don't know where to begin

Begin where you are.
Yes, I'm still here. I have this lovely new space to fill and piles of pictures waiting to fill it if only I would just start. So I think I'm ready to jump in. If you're still hanging around, I hope you'll join me.

{Many thanks to Stephanie of Stephanie G Designs for creating a beautiful new look for The Zinnia Patch!}
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