Monday, June 15, 2009


All my rescue plants are blooming on the porch, including these lovely lilies and cone flowers. Every evening we watch the fat bunnies loping around the yard looking for a treat but so far my rabbit resistant plan is working for the flower beds and stairs are working for everything else!

And it's on those porch steps that I spend a lot of time these days. Sitting and watching the water play or running up and down them, in and out of the house between baby and big kids. I'm spending most waking moments these last days of summer-like spring out here with the wild things. I think I've finally managed to catch one of the kid's colds and Shawn isn't due home till July but thankfully, Yiayia is coming to my rescue visit us in a little over a week. As long as the popsicles and that slip 'n' slide hold out, we will survive just fine!


  1. I love your pictures. Those lillies are fabulous. I hope you feel better soon!

  2. Beautiful pictures!!

    I think we're gonna get a slip n slide before long. I have too many good memories of those to NOT get one for my kids!


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