Monday, September 29, 2014

at day's end

Dinner's aftermath is left on the table because we want to catch our golden window. Dishes can wait.
The kids jump on scooters and lead the way to the shore. They are wild and free and hard to keep up with.
A few minutes later we are clambering over rocks to say hello to the ocean.
Hello, Ocean.
glass steps to the sea
Sea turtles play where the waves break while the kids play in tide pools teaming with bitty crabs. They fill buckets and fight over the one red scooper and exclaim over this one and that.
The sun moves lower... lower... coloring the sky with brilliance.
Hello, Sky.
We watch and listen and watch some more and there are no words.
Our hearts are filled with every crashing wave and every changing cloud.
The heavens declare the glory of God, the skies proclaim the work of his hands. Psalm 19:1
Let heaven and earth praise him, the seas and everything that moves in them. Psalm 69:34
Yes. We will praise him.

Sunday, September 21, 2014

finding our home in hawaii

As of today, we have been here for forty days. (I counted it twice because it feels like so much longer.) On August 13, we boarded a plane in Houston, Texas after three months of being in-between homes (but enjoying every minute of our visits with family.) About ten hours later, we were standing on Waikiki Beach, totally unable to take it all in...
moving day
first look
We spent our first days on the island in a strange jet-lagged limbo of real life and tourist life. One morning Shawn would be dressed in his Alpha's and headed out the door of our hotel-room-home to his job, and the next we'd be flip-flopping it to the beach. It was surreal to say the least. (Oh and p.s. they're not flip-flops here, they're slippers.)
We stayed in Waikiki for a few days (no, a week? two? time lost all meaning...) before moving to a resort on the Windward side of Oahu. The resort had it's perks -beautiful views, a great breakfast on the open-air lanai every morning, and a lovely pool. It also had some drawbacks we didn't see coming such as way too little space for our six-bodied family and no air conditioning (well OK in all fairness it had a small AC unit in one room so if you wanted to sleep standing up next to that particular window you could keep cool.) There were other inconveniences but first world problems-that-aren't-really-problems for sure so we did our best not to complain. We were surrounded by the most amazing scenery, we had time and space to explore, and we were seeing God's provision at every turn. We were just really really ready to not be living out of suitcases anymore.
Paradise Bay resort
Makapu'u Beach Park
a windward rainbow
Shawn and I went into our appointment with military housing knowing what we would hear but still half hoping for better news. A twelve to twenty-four months wait for a home on MCB Kaneohe Bay was the news we expected, not the news we hoped for. We began meeting a lot of other military families in the same boat. We were all in some stage of the long transition process, living in hotels for weeks- some for months, looking at the same listings on Zillow and getting the same "already rented" responses to our inquiries. We were all frustrated and tired and hot and anxious. We were all feeding our toddlers on the floor and wishing for just one home cooked dinner free of french fries and chicken nuggets.
kayaking with dad
In between our play time and house hunting time, we actually managed to show up on time for our first day of Classical Conversations. We were sweaty and tired and unprepared, but we made it. It was a new group full of new faces but the most familiar and comfortable place we had been to yet. It was a breath of fresh air, a "welcome home" we so badly needed.
first day of CC
Looking back, I realize how short that time really was. About two weeks after arriving on island, we found a furnished town home in a great location ready for us to move in. Seriously great. It's a long drive to work for Shawn (made doubly long by the horrendous Oahu traffic) but it's our own space for a little while and it has beds for everyone and air conditioning and a kitchen where we can cook real food and amazing swimming pools and gorgeous beaches down the street...and did I mention it's great? It is.
There have been so many good things crammed into these weeks.
Donovan is walking, Shawn and I celebrated our fourteenth anniversary, Kenna had her cast removed, our kids have fallen in love with the ocean, Tristan, the one who shed the most tears over leaving Florida, is truly enjoying Hawaii, Katie learned to roller skate, Shawn turned 40(!) we found a great church, and we even had friends come to visit. Our lives have been filled to the brim and overflowing.
Life here is going to be an adventure. I'll do my best to share it with you often so if you're still actually hanging around this little space, mahalo! Be back soon!

Thursday, September 18, 2014

distracted by beauty

Aloha! I'm alive, really I am. It's just that I am here. Here. Looking at this kind of beauty every single day and completely overwhelmed by it. I hope you've been following along on Instagram because we have been exploring and adventuring since the moment we arrived on Oahu and I love sharing daily bits and pieces there. I really do want to share some bigger pictures here in this space. I don't really know where to begin so I will just begin where I am, which is totally in awe...
More to come soon -promise!
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