Monday, April 7, 2008

three tristans and a train

First attempt at a multiple exposure ...

(Note to self: Buy a tripod. Hand-me-down from Dad is on its last leg. Literally. It has only one working leg.) There would have been multiple attempts at the multiple fun if only Tristan had shared my enthusiasm. Perhaps another day.
He was more interested in finishing his m&m cookie and after doing so, while licking the crumbs from his lips, asked me,
"Mom, is this sweet stuff boogers? Or is it cookie?"
Don't worry it was cookie. Pretty sure.


  1. You take some of the best pictures....even before you had your new camera! The flowers look beautiful there and I love the comments Tristan makes. But I don't read your blog in a week and I have so much catching up to do!!

  2. I see many amazing pictures in your future. What a talent you have!! What an all boy thing for Tristan to say. That's hilarious!


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