Thursday, April 24, 2008


Under the bridge
And over the dam
Looking for berries
Berries for jam

Strawberry ponies
Strawberry lambs
Dancing in meadows
Of strawberry jam!

Mountains and fountains
Rain down on me

Buried in berries

What a jam jamboree!

(from Jamberry, by Bruce Degen)

As you can see, Grandad and Yiayia made it to NC just in time to save one sick mama and to enjoy the fresh strawberries! Jam and tarts have already been enjoyed, I am recovering thanks to the extra sleep and helping hands, my fence is mended, my cabinet door is fixed...and we still have 4 days!


  1. OH, I wish I could be there picking strawberries too! They look so delicious. Enjoy . . . (the berries and the company).

  2. Oh those berries look scrumptious!!!
    And "Jamberry" is still one of our favorite books in the Griffin house...thank you 'Aunt' Kelli! :)
    Hope you're feeling sooo much better! Enjoy the time with your folks!

  3. Just ordered the book!:) Love the pictures and inspiration to do some strawberry picking!! Glad to hear you're treasuring the time with your parents.

  4. glad your parents are there! love the pics!

    have a good time with your 4 days left!

  5. Glad you're feeling better and getting to rest more. Know the kids are loving the attention from Granddad and Yaiyai. Great pictures and Kenna and Tristan are having a ball picking strawberries.

  6. just today i told drew i wish we lived somewhere that we could go pick strawberries...only thing to pick around here is cotton, and that doesn't taste very yummy! :) glad you are enjoying your parents time there- drew says to tell them hello!!!


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