Monday, April 14, 2008

for the birds

I hung a new bird feeder outside in February and as of this month it was still full. Where are all the birds? Last week I looked at the feeder and realized it had been sitting there for so long, the untouched seeds had begun to sprout and there was a moldy, sprouty, mess jammed in the feeder holes. As I was trying to empty and clean it, I broke it.
Rather than go out and buy another feeder for the birds to ignore, we made our own...

We hung them in the backyard and what do you know -the very next morning a bright red Cardinal was out there enjoying our treat! We do have birds!
Then I saw a little black bird in the grass and thought to myself, "oh a cute little black bird! he's eating the seeds that fell on the ground."
Later, I noticed the little black bird was still there. "Hmm, that's strange." I took a closer look...

Nope -not a bird. That would be dog poop.


  1. Niiice.
    You guys are so creative - or resourceful?!? Way to go GREEN with the birdfeeders, too! :)

  2. haha! I love that you mistook poop for a bird- they do look very similar...


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