Thursday, April 17, 2008

frost bitten

As I surveyed the yard today I have to admit, I felt a little defeated.
We had frost the last two nights that claimed six Hydrangeas, all the plants around the garden fort, one Hosta, possibly some Lilies and the leaves of a few Crepe Myrtle trees as well as bits and pieces of many other plants. The wildflower patches are thick with sprouts (both flowers and weeds) so I don’t know what the impact was there. However, with the exception of the garden fort, which will have to be re-planted completely, everything will come back. The fort vines were small and with the weather getting warmer we should see new seeds catching up fast.
But still, it hurts.
Then, to add insult to injury, a few sections of my fence keep falling down, my dog has moved on from digging up flowerbeds to eating plants right out of pots, the ants have invaded and I somehow managed to kill an entire tray of Zinnia seedlings simply by moving them from one sunny spot to another.
I couldn’t even bring myself to take pictures, and you know I take pictures of EVERYTHING. Tomorrow I will photograph all the plants that are still thriving, and then maybe I won’t feel so bad.
Besides, how much fun would a garden really be without a reason to work in it?


  1. OH NO! I hope when you look at it tomorrow, it won't be as bad as your originally thought.

  2. ...sending warm thoughts and warm weather your way...and hopes for greener days to come...


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