Monday, April 21, 2008

kenna's bunny blanket

I have searched for a "back-up" for those dreadful days when bunny must be washed. What a tragedy it would be if bunny ever went missing for good! Alas, this particular bunny now goes for no less than $50 online. I have seen it for as much as $125! These cruel people are preying on desperate parents everywhere.
I remember well my own childhood yellow gingham, K-shaped pillow with the white eyelet trim and that one perfectly soft spot I would rub against my cheek. I’m still waiting for the day my parents admit to “losing” it on purpose in order to get me to stop sucking my thumb.
One day, that binkie in Kenna’s mouth may be “lost”, but oh, how I pray that we never lose the bunny!

Woolly Blanket

I have a woolly blanket.
It's cuddly and it's pink.
And it is very dear to me,
More so than you would think.
Whenever I go traveling,
The blanket travels, too.
And if I should forget it,
why I don't know what I'd do.
It always goes to bed with me,
I like to feel it near,
Because it is so cuddly
and So very, very dear.

-Kate Cox Goddard


  1. Oh, how I can relate... "Bear" can't be replaced, either, or at least not without a hefty cost.
    I wonder if those folks selling on eBay are getting rid of their childrens' lovies, and beefing up their college accounts?

  2. . . . although we've learned the hard way that even a replacement (if it can be had) might not be enough. We purchased a backup, but our boy is QUITE adamant about the different soothing capacities of "boo bear" and "diff-rent bear." Yes, "diff-rent bear" is softer, cleaner, and not at all to be confused with the one, true, original "boo bear." Oh well, we tried.


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