Sunday, April 6, 2008

he loves me

What woman doesn't like to receive roses from her husband once in a while? You know I do! And because he gets me, roses from my husband look like this...

That's right -you can keep the big vase, the baby's breath and the little plastic cardholder thingy- I'll take mine roots, dirt and all! Right now, I'm thrilled each time I receive an email from Shawn so you can imagine how happy I was to receive this extra special (early) birthday gift. This from a man who just bought me a camera. I figured he had covered the next ten birthdays with that one (maybe even a few Valentine’s, and Christmases?) He really is the best and I really am spoiled.
He loves me...
I love him too.


  1. Oh, that's so wonderful!! YEA SHAWN!!! Atta boy.

  2. Hey! I just found you.....and see you've found me, too.

    LOVE your pictures! And your endurance and attitude.

    Looking forward to keeping up with the zinnia patch!!


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