Wednesday, April 30, 2008


Mini-bouquets everywhere! I really wish I had more places in the house to put vases of flowers and greenery but my 16month old monkey seems to be limiting my options to the kitchen counters and the fireplace least until she finds footholds there as well.
A beautiful new cookbook by a Greek mom
from my own Greek mom.

Really, you must try Apples for Jam...the photography in this book makes it worthwhile even if you never try the recipes. Although, I'd definitely recommend those too! Tiny Tartlets with Crema and Berries were heavenly last week -I made the easy crust and YiaYia made the less-easy crema. I've decided I like the word crema. And my house still smells fresh baked after today's Olive Oil Focaccia (with fresh from the porch Rosemary...I love it when I actually remember to use the herbs I grow!) Bread tastes much better when shared so we made a couple of neighborhood deliveries and had friends over for dinner.


  1. I must have missed it when you stopped by with some fresh bread... :) Oh how I wish we really were in the same neighborhood! Looks delicious - even the flowers look good enough to eat!

  2. Wow! You could also open a floral arranging shop!
    Mountain Laurel does have a terrific bloom. Glad you're not feeding it to the kids!
    love, me

  3. The bread was amazing Kelli! I must have eaten 1/2 of it in one sitting. To not eat hardly anything for 6 days & then be treated to that, I was in heaven! Thanks so much for sharing.


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