Wednesday, October 26, 2011

project 52(ish)

fairy wings2
fairy wings3
fairy wings4
Way back in January I joined up with the mcp actions project 52 group on flickr. The purpose, to take one photo per week for one year, each illustrating a pre-set theme (unless I choose otherwise- it's my 52, there will not be a test.) I thought the project would be a good way to grow myself technically. I tend to shoot everything and shoot it quickly and then hold my breath as I open the files to see how'd-I-do? I wanted to slow down and be intentional with my settings, envision a photo and then plan to capture it. I wanted to practice photography as a skill rather than just take photos as a mom (although that's ok too.) I'm glad to say that it has done that for me, despite my less-than-diligent participation.
When it hit me that there was only ten weeks left to go I was at first seized with guilt over not keeping up as I should have, but quickly let go of that as I started browsing back through the set. A few of my favorite shots have been kate's plastic shoes on week 18 , those baby birds on week 29, week 4's footprints in the snow, and week 22 in Arlington Cemetery (which was featured on the mcp actions blog here.) But I don't think anything will ever top that week 1 photo of my crew drinking cocoa in Annapolis on New Year's day. I love growing this skill but the more I do, the more I realize that for me it's just not about getting the technically perfect shot. For me, it's more often about being in the moment enough to notice the things worth remembering.
A day after taking hundreds of pictures of my girls playing Stellaluna in the backyard, I can tear apart each photo for all of its technical flaws and totally miss the point. These are my girls, my beautiful girls. In a few weeks, a year, I'm not going to notice grain or blur or stray toys in the shot, I'm going to see them as they were that day. I'm going to see big brown eyes, wild hair, that shirt that Kenna calls her "daddy shirt", and Kate's baby teeth smile. I'm going to remember how they loved that story and how I laughed as they turned play silks into bat wings. I'm going to look at these pictures and see them just as they are -truly beautiful.
silkies and a fan
fairy wings1
project 52 ~ week 42 ~ true beauty


  1. Yes and yes. I read a good article about photography this week (and about taking the same shots over and over) that I think you'll like. I'll try to find it again and send it to you. It goes along nicely with your post.

  2. I love this post! Beautifully said Kelli.


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