Tuesday, January 4, 2011

2011 begins

missing our boat
In years past, we have always spent a day at the beach on or around New Year's day (at least, we did whenever Shawn wasn't in the sand on another distant continent). It kind of became a tradition for us in North Carolina. Since moving here, we've been busy and enjoying Virginia so much that I haven't really thought a lot about the beach or that old boat sitting alone in the New River -until now.  The dead of winter seems like an odd time to miss surf and sails I know, but this always was my favorite time of year to be at the shore.
the Chesapeak
This year, we found ourselves on New Year's day with nothing to do, a need to get out of the house and this nagging feeling that the ocean was calling.
We decided to go find us some boats and water.
Having never been to Annapolis, it seemed like a good place to start.
We walked around town, enjoying the store windows and sailboats still decked out in holiday lights, the views of a cold Chesapeake Bay and the fresh air in our lungs (although our warm, nearly 50 degree day did feel a lot colder in those waterfront winds).
the fudge shop window
After taking in the sights and history and thoroughly missing our sail boat, we warmed up over hot cocoa and coffee and a quiet drive home to start this new year.
Happy 2011, my friends.


  1. Oh! Now you're really making me miss "home." Everett and I had many a date at Riordan's! Did you guys go on the USNA yard while you were there?

  2. Well, I hate to say it Meghan but whatever Riordan's was -is no more. It was just a lovely (but empty) old building!
    We drove around the Academy but didn't spend a whole lot of time there -such a cool old campus. I'd like to go back in the Spring to see it when things are warmer and less barren!

  3. No!! It was the greatest little pub with the world's best crab dip! You definitely should go back- Annapolis is great in every season.


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