Saturday, October 22, 2011

some things

Sunday afternoon
The weather is gorgeous, the water is blue -I want to sail.
But the Summer Wind, still back in North Carolina, will soon have a new owner.
And that makes me sad. And that is all I can say about that.
running feet
(photo by tristan)
I run several times a week on a treadmill that sits in our screened-in back porch
I use the term run loosely, just so you know. It's often more of a staggering, stomping, trudging, kind of walk.
But now that the weather has turned cool-ish, it's a nice place to be and a good time to catch up on podcasts from Tim Keller (they're free -you must listen!)
can you identify this?
I took a picture of this mystery vine at my sister's house feeling like the name of it was on the tip of my tongue -where had I seen it before?
Then I started seeing it growing wild along the roadsides, where power lines meet cotton fields, and I remembered it is the very same Cypress Vine I once planted around my mailbox.
This coming week promises to be busy. Probably too busy.
Which must be why I so desperately want to go to the beach.


  1. Sorry to hear about the Summer Wind, friend. You all made some fabulous memories on that sailboat! Thankfully you have the gorgeous photos to go along with all the memories. ;)
    Speaking of photos... That Tristan is turning into quite the shutterbug! Good shot, T!
    Kel, keep up with the running - want to run the half with me in New Orleans on March 4th???

  2. Cypress Vine. Good to know. Now why couldn't it have sprung up around my fence instead of my azalea bushes?

  3. Hey Kelli,
    I always enjoy looking at your picture and posts. I tried responding to your comment on my blog but was unsuccessful. Anyway would love to see you guys if you come up for a visit with the Mosleys. And would love for you to meet Jonah. Looks like you are staying busy and doing good!

  4. I have to keep reminding myself that plants like that cypress vine if it were in my yard would not look like your picture --- but instead would look more like a struggling plant trying not to be eaten up by worms or rust!


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