Friday, October 14, 2011

photos with flare

cracked filter flare
The other day I ran outside to catch some pictures of my veggie garden as the sun was just coming over the fence. I thought the light would be pretty on the leaves still dripping from the sprinklers and it was. I love shooting into the sun to catch interesting flares but what I was seeing was a little more flarish than usual. Cool.
Then I ran in to switch lenses and discovered the reason...
cracked filter
Not cool. This is my second filter loss on this lens, and thankfully, being totally oblivious to the fact that it had happened (when? I don't know) made for a much less painful experience. After taking a minute to sigh a big "thank you" to the filter, I removed it and ran back outside to capture the flare I had been going for in the first place...
fall garden flare
(And then I switched to my 50mm and will not be going back to the 18-200 until I have a new filter in place!)


  1. Garden looks great! What did you plant? I need to put in some lettuce seeds ...

  2. Shortcut to the K-State campus took us through the tiny town of Wamego, Kansas a few days ago. Most impressed that the flowering beds on main street were bursting with our favorite "Globe Amaranth" (affectionately known as purple bachelor's buttons :) Thot of you :)

  3. dad, I have those 'bachelor buttons" all around my house here already!:)
    Christie, I planted lettuces, broccoli, cabbage, Brussels sprouts, carrots, and tons of herbs...this is our first go at a real veggie garden so we shall see what ends up being edible:)

  4. Red veins in that flowering kale (or is it cabbage?) --- sure do stand out in the pic.

  5. kale, yes! it is pretty...if nothing is edible at least I'll have that:)

  6. Picked a gallon of green tomatoes and brought in a big pile of hot cayenne and jalapeno pepper last night --- frost this morning, but some stuff will carry on for a while.


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