Tuesday, October 18, 2011

date nights

On Sunday evenings we drop all the kids off at church and go to Starbucks.
(What? I see nothing wrong with that?)
date night
We sit at a tiny, wobbly table with coffee and books.
(Shawn reads big thick complicated military theory textbooks and
I breeze through some fiction and play with my camera, noticing shadows.)date night
For two hours we're like a couple of college kids we once knew.
(Except now we know how little we know.)


  1. I love the shadow picture. I especially love how the light between the shadow of your necks looks like a "Gig'Em" thumbs up.

  2. Ha Summer that's crazy- I hadn't noticed that! :)

  3. So clever. Glad you two know how to have fun, get rested and stay connected :)

  4. aww, that's cute, yes, clever is a good word

  5. What a great date night. I'm so jealous right about now.


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