Monday, July 18, 2011


we have some tiny little, loud little, big-mouthed little neighbors outside our window
their mama keeps a close watch on us even calling all her friends to join her in a threatening vigil from various perches around the yard -we tread carefully
mockingbird mama
we first discovered the nest when it held four pretty blue eggs
by the time I took out my camera there were three
and one freshly hatched mocking bird (can you see him?)
baby birds day 1
they were fun to photograph in the first few days because every sound and movement made them do this...
they were here first
it would take a minute or two for them to realize the clicking camera was not mama
hovering with worms for hungry mouths
hungry babies
then they would give up and go back to sleeping, waiting
in a pile of beaks and down
mockingbird babies
now they seem to know the difference between mama bird and camera mama
and are a little harder to get a reaction from
we also lost one, sadly, there are only three in the nest now
baby birds
but my have those three found their voices
mocking bird littles can squawk!
baby birds
I think we only have a few more days before they will be leaving the nest
I'm sure glad I get to keep my own babies around a lot longer than the mocking bird

project 52 ~ week 29 ~ get in close


  1. oh my word, these pictures are amazing! I felt like I was looking through a science book in the bird section! Thanks for sharing, and GREAT photos

  2. Kelli -- your photos are always amazing, but these are just incredible!

  3. Oh how fun!! We were recently enjoying a time-lapse video of some Robin hatchlings. Having them outside our window would be so much better. Enjoy!!


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