Monday, September 19, 2011

photo editing catch-up day 4,783 (or something like that)

creeping ivy
Remember how back in August I was trying to use all that time without a camera to catch up on all those past months of photo editing? Well, as it turns out, Nikon has a super fast turn-around time on repairs. And August heat seems to put my brain into some kind of hibernation. And any brain cells I did find available, I used up as I was muddling through school preparations and other difficult tasks at hand like feeding my children and remembering to wear a shirt. And I could keep making up excuses all day so we'll just stop there shall we?
I've decided it's time to face reality. I will never ever catch up. Even if I do, I will then immediately fall behind the second I pick up my camera again, right? So let me just say it again for my own benefit, I will never ever catch up. And I'm choosing to be OK with that. There, that was freeing. Deep breath.
I took these pictures in May and I like them, so I'm posting them here in September because that's when I got around to noticing them. Freedom!


  1. Oh, I'm right there with you. I've had it in my head that I must finish editing photos before I start other things (that dearly need to be worked on and are probably more important that edited photos). Lately, I think I've just gotten over that it HAS to be done. That feeling of freedom is so nice.

  2. I love all the doors! The outsides, the opening ones, I could do a whole living room around your door photos. Maybe one day I will :-)

  3. Love the pics. Who cares if they were taken yesterday or five years ago you will edit when you edit and you will share when you share. Who cares the date they're taken? OH and way to go feeding the kids. Good call there that's always a noble aim.

  4. I've been torn all day trying to figure out how I could learn the name of the two plants in your awesome pics!
    The ivy is so neat and 'deliberate' in its growth pattern. Reminds me of English ivy but the leaves seem much too small. And the little orphaned plant by the blue door ---- how many of those did I chop out of our flower beds and garden in Texas. Has a little insignificant purple flower and very susceptible to powdery mildew as I that old door but my 'fix it' nature wants to scrape it, put on a coat of Kilz and repaint! :=(

  5. Dad, I could sure use your "fix-it" nature around here right now if you ever get bored...:)


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