Friday, September 3, 2010

dad's birthday

fishing with dad
There was good barbecue, homemade cards decorated with "marine stuff", fishing and spicy chocolate cake.  Sounds like a good birthday kind of day to me. Hopefully Shawn felt the same way...
spicy chocolate cake
About that cake.  By spicy, I mean spicy.  Chipotle, cayenne and cinnamon chocolate cake, covered in chipotle, cayenne and cinnamon chocolate frosting covered in dark chocolate ganache (by the time we got to that step, our mouths were burning so we decided to go with at least one not-spicy layer!)  Biting into this cake is one crazy experience but Shawn declared that it "just might be my favorite cake you've ever made!"  Score.

Happy Birthday, Shawn!  I love you!
Here's to another thirty-something-ish years full of crazy, spicy fun!


  1. The cake looks amazing!! Did the kids like it??

  2. oooh, that looks good and sounds appealing as I sit here and eat my cayenne pepper with my dinner! What a terrific way to celebrate a birthday! love to all d


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