Monday, September 13, 2010

here lately...

We are seeing much more dirt and band aids and grimy fingernails at the ends of days spent outside where trees are just beginning to change and the air is cool and fresh.  The neighborhood has come alive with children, bicycles, barbecues and stops for conversation on every corner.  We love it here. 
team Argentina
We are spending a lot of time at the soccer fields with one super coach and a bunch of excited kids.  A great sport is being learned, much fun is being had, and friendships are being made.  Go team Argentina!
kate loooves her yogurt
I never stop doing laundry.  Ever.  But sometimes, watching her make a mess is so worth a pile of dirty clothes. Sometimes.
vwodka & wvords
We are having a great time getting to know our new Ukrainian friends.  They are staying with us until their house (right across the street!) is ready for move-in.  I have learned a handful of Russian words, enjoyed a steaming bowl of borscht for dinner tonight and have truly enjoyed the company of our newest neighbors.
Did I mention how much we love it here?


  1. Hey, Kelli, are you loving it there yet???

  2. so good to see your normal, healthy family environment! What a delight to see our grandkids growing up in such a fun-loving, wholesome world!


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