Tuesday, August 31, 2010

ending August

tuesday morning
Shawn had an early meeting today and I was bummed to miss out on my Tuesday morning walk with Kim (my so-cool neighbor that I might just have to tell you about some time if she'll let me), but then the big kids didn't wake up...and didn't wake up...and didn't wake up...could it be? Could my kids be sleeping in for once in their short lives?!  So Kate and I made the Oat Scones I've been hoping to try (thanks, Jen! oh and I added blueberries) and then I read almost the entire paper before Kate started frantically beating me with her "book?! book?! book?!" as if she could not live another moment if I did not read Chicka Chicka Boom Boom five-times-in-a-row-right-now. Oh but I love her so.
Once the big kids had roused and eaten and dressed and stood on the deck hollering their good-mornings at neighbors and dogs, we did some math and Tristan read us a book and then we headed to the pool (because we have one more week of pool time and we plan on making the most of it!)  It has been a long and full summer for the Campbell house and while it seems our Fall has begun in some ways (school, a mum planted in the flower bed, new shoes that cover the toesies...) I think we have a lot of these sunny-with-a-high-of-95 days ahead still.  September is upon us, but Summer clearly isn't going anywhere just yet.
Tonight we will pack around sixty people into our house for a Bible study that started with a handful of families wondering if anyone would be interested...
I can't think of a better way to close out this month called August.


  1. Kelli Campbell, you are simply amazing! And that's just about the long and short of it...

  2. So glad the storm skirted around Jacksonville --- I would guess that your boat held onto it's anchors and rode out the waves??? Hope Quantico is safe from the storm! love d


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