Wednesday, September 22, 2010

at summer's end

glowing trees
The earth was their classroom -a forest trail, a canopy of glowing green and pockets full of nature.
Virginia trails
They ran together through the woods, laughing, smiling, not stopping for pictures like us mamas, but I did catch a few of them.
They heard acorns falling from the tree tops (we pictured squirrels up in the branches making fun and keeping score) and smelled them (I never thought to smell an acorn before -it was minty!) and filled pockets and bags with them in all shades of green, yellow, black, even red.
moss carpet
kate on the trail
the gang
Today, Autumn arrived. Welcome to our classroom. We can't wait to see what you have to show us.
summer sunshine


  1. Beautiful little faces, beautiful place, beautiful photographer!

  2. dang girl, you should write a book! a children's book!

  3. I probably would have been a frazzled mess with that many kids around, but you make it look like a gorgeous coffee table book. Amazing talent, my friend!

  4. Well, girl, you put me over the edge of tears this time. I just met my Kelli's speech teacher today and was once again in awe at God's greatness in placing these wonderful people in our lives who give of themselves to teach our kids in a noninstitutional environment filled with wonder and freedom. Lisa's right. You should write a book -- many books. I will read them to my grandchildren one day.

  5. What fun! Will parenting always be such an adventure for you?....maybe you could give some thought to 'how a tired ol' granddad could be a little more' fun and creative with his sweet Spokane grandkids! that I'll have some ideas of how to make memories the next few days here with Joey and Grace!!

  6. Kelli, your pictures & site are wonderful! I love getting up every day & seeing your adventures & beautiful photos.


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