Sunday, September 26, 2010

the plan

I'm trying really hard to catch up on all the things crowding my ever-growing project list. Like the things piled up on my sewing machine (where they have been since I pulled them out of the moving box), and the things sitting in the garage (but I bought paint today! and a wire brush! and mums! No, the mums have nothing to do with the project in the garage, they were just pretty.) So, maybe in the coming week or two I'll make some real progress. Most of the other items on the list involve my photos. The photos that are taking up entirely too much space on my hard drive. The photos that badly need to be backed up on disc. The photos that need to be printed in photo books or hung on the walls or sent to friends. Those photos. I have a lot of catching up to do but I have a plan to make myself do it. What's my plan?
I will not allow myself to post ANY new photos until the catching up is done. Nope, not one. Until I can report that my hard drive is clear, my photos are stored and prints are in the mail (and maybe a Blurb book or two) I will only be posting photos taken before September 26, 2010 that I come across during all that hard work. Like this one-
It's actually two photos that I accidentally-then-on-purpose put together. I'm kind of excited to see what else I come across this week...stay tuned!
I've put my plan out there, so I certainly can't back down now.  This could be fun!
Or torture.


  1. This is an awesome collage! Conveys a ton of nostalgic emotions and feelings!....nothing like being a kid in the 'good'ole-summer-time'!

  2. Such a cool pic, Kelli. Is it the change of season that causes us to tackle projects? I'm also working with organizing my pictures and backing them up. They are currently on three different computers. When I opened up my Photoshop Elements books and the authors began by discussing organization, I thought I'd better get on their page before getting too far into it. Well, I'll let you get busy so you can get that project finished and send out some crisp, autumn pictures from your area.

  3. I love the collage, I thought it was one photo. And blerb- do tell! How are they? I've used shutterfly in the past b/c it's just what I know but I am all for branching out and blerb is a great name!

  4. I love the accidentally on purpose picture....if flows nicely.


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