Wednesday, September 8, 2010

some wednesday links

~I have played this video around eighty-seven times since my sister sent it to me last week.  Oh wait, actually, she sent me this one which is also awesome and then I found the other one posted with it.

cookies too cute to eat
~My sweet friend, Lacy, sent these adorable hand-made cookies recently, and Kenna's daily picnics and tea parties have never been cuter.  Lacy is one of the most creative people I know.  She is confident, positive always wearing a beautiful smile and not afraid to go for it.  I know she has some big projects in the works and I am proud to say "hey I know that girl!" (Also, I am SO jealous of the hike she went on this week.)

~I can't get enough of Today's Letters.  One of the best blogs EVER! Go! Go there! Read it!

~Pioneer Woman's latest photo assignment is "funny" and the submissions rolling in are providing endless entertainment over here (especially those of the "silly animal" variety. Kids eat that stuff UP.)

~It's not easy to video yourself light saber fighting with a toddler but I had to do it so I could catch her using her latest catch-phrase...

...did you catch it? "Aww nice!!!" Oh my -only out of the mouth of a third child.

What are you enjoying this week?


  1. mom and I are laughing at kate's video - HILARIOUS!!! She clearly has older siblings. OH wish ya'll were here with us!


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