Wednesday, January 27, 2010

wouldn't you know it

She did it. She walked.
She was standing next to me at the couch and decided she wanted to be by the coffee table and three whole steps later, there she was. Ta-daaa!
We were at a friends house and I am so glad since a moment like that is meant to be shared. I told Shawn about it promising him that I tried so hard to make her wait. It's ok though, we are excited for our baby girl (and a bit sad to see her becoming a little less baby).
So now my task is to let her walk, let her walk, let her walk! Let's see if she can walk to daddy in a few days!


  1. It happens so fast...I thought I actually saw Elizabeth attempt to run the other night, but I think it was just momentum!

    Congrats to Miss Kate and her first steps!

  2. She just wasn't going to wait, huh?! I like her style... determined and confident!


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