Thursday, January 7, 2010

one big happy growing family

One fine day not so many years ago, two people fell in love and got married and had kids. Then a couple of their kids got married so they had more kids. Then those kids had kids so they had grand kids. Then another one of their kids got married and had kids while at the same time the others were having more kids and then suddenly their last kid got married and one day those kids will have kids too!!
They are truly one big happy family.
The End.

No wait -not the end! They are still having kids!
These crazy kids will be welcoming their next kid this year! Congrats, Lisa, Brian and big brother Josiah!
To be continued.


  1. This is great!!! Happy New Year Day family!!

  2. And everyone of you are so sweet and beautiful! Makes a sister/sister-in-law/auntie/great auntie very proud!


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