Saturday, January 9, 2010

nathan & amanda

Nathan and Amanda were married in Galveston, Texas on January 2nd, 2010. The wedding was beautiful! I took their engagement photos, a lot of pictures at the rehearsal and a few at the wedding. As much as it pained me to put it away, I just couldn't juggle my kids and my camera that day (you've already seen what that leads to). I'll post more soon but for now, these are a couple of my favorites.


  1. That first pic still blows me away. I would frame that in an wrapped and all.

    Congrats to the New Days! :) hehe - that's fun. What a gorgeous couple!!

  2. I recognize our little American finch! Thanks for sharing all the great pics! What a delight!
    luv d

  3. Galveston! You passed right by my house! Wow...the ring picture is awesome! How in the world did it look like that??!


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