Monday, January 11, 2010

thoughts on care packages

- It is good to get the kids involved in making care packages to send Dad but you have to watch them close. Dad probably doesn't need that half-eaten pb&j or the stuffed animal that fell in the dog water bowl.
- Bare Books have found a whole world of uses in our house and now a very special one is in Dad's hands. The cover art is priceless (seriously, you have to click on the pic and take a close-up view of Darth Vader) and the pages are filled with samples of Tristan's writing practice and math problems and his very own ideas of games and activities to keep Dad busy (the kid loves to draw mazes).
- Daddy dolls stayed here with us so it was only fitting that we should send Daddy a Family Pillow.
- When Tristan was three we mailed his pacifiers to Iraq in a care package. I think Kenna would mail her baby sister to Iraq before sending away her pacifier.
- There is a really sweet man that works in our local post office. He likes to joke (like the day I walked in with six packages and he told me with a straight face that new regulations only allow one package per customer per day. Ha-ha funny man, I almost cried.) but he gives my kids lollipops and praises their good behavior (now that's a day-maker for a mom!)
- I love sending care packages. I love knowing that Shawn's hands will take out each of the items I placed in that box with my hands, and I try to fill each box with bits and pieces of home that will sustain him until he walks back through our door.
-I usually stop sending mail once I know homecoming is about a month away. It may not make it in time so instead I start putting together some kind of welcome home package with things like new toiletries and clothes that aren't green or brown.
-I will not be sending any more care packages this deployment.
-Did you catch that?
-No more.
-Because Shawn is coming home in about a month.
-For real.
-I think.
-Well, so they are saying anyway.
-It is the Marine Corps, after all. You believe it when you see it...

(Shawn's homecoming in September 2005)


  1. Oh my goodness - that sounds wonderful! Sending up prayers that he will, in fact, be walking through that door in a few short weeks!

  2. YEAH! YEAH! YEAH! I am so excited for you and your family! I hope he can come home soon to all of you! I can't wait to see those pictures!

  3. That's wonderful news!!!

  4. Doing a little dance in my kitchen right now! Makes it hard to type...
    I'm so happy for y'all! :)
    Love the care package -- but love even more that you don't need to send any more at this point!!

  5. What good news! So happy for you guys :)

  6. What great news. I almost cried reading that. It's the hormones, but I am very happy too and hoping February brings a great homecoming.

  7. YEAH!!! That is so great!! Hope you guys are doing well.

  8. SO great! I love that! Have you told the kids yet?

  9. Thanks all! Good question, Jordan -the answer is NOPE. They don't quite have a grasp on time so 'soon' is the same as 'tomorrow' or 'now' or 'next year' know, life as we know it would be over and there would be no peace in the house till Dad shows his face! Best to wait at least till we have a day on the calendar to circle and count down to. At this point we only have a window -February. I'll take it! :)

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  11. Kelly - I love your blog and your photography is inspiring. This post in particular is awesome - I pray all goes as planned!

  12. A month? ONE MONTH?! Oh, Kelli. I know your heart must be leaping bounds and bounds. I love this moment for you. Really, I do.

  13. Fabulous news!!! Fingers tightly crossed that all goes as it should. :)


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