Tuesday, January 5, 2010

kenna bear turns three

Today our Kenna is three years old. I remember her birth like it was five minutes ago yet I hardly remember what life was like before she joined our family. This little peanut of a girl with her big brown eyes and beautiful smile is a constant source of laughter in our house. Over the past year I've noted a few of my favorite bits of Kenna language...
*Wascoot - swim suit
*Pasico - popsicle
*Bingurs - fingers
*Why Wookie or Wild Wookie - fishing pole (this one still baffles me too)
*Pahcorns - popcorn or corn on the cob, all the same apparently
*We-weeeee! - t.v.
*"my feets is cold!" when you tuck her into bed...her way of bringing you back to her side for a moment longer to cover up the feet she has stuck out from under the blanket
*"how 'bout dat?"
*Alligator - Not the animal but the thing you ride in a hotel. You know, the alligator that takes you to your room.
*Hoop-a-loops - this word passes for hula hoops as well as fruit loops cereal.
*Tiny Little Tough! -as in, "mommy, I want to wear my tiny little tough!" Her favorite t-shirt that says "Tiny but Tuff- USMC" which would never be taken off or washed if she was in charge. Oh how this one would love to take charge!

Kenna Bear, you are one "tiny but tuff" little girl. We marvel at your boldness, your confidence, your clever ways and silly antics. You are one sweet sister to Tristan and Kate and a true joy and delight to us all.
Today we celebrate the gift in our lives that is YOU, sweet Kenna.

Happy Birthday! love, mommy & daddy

*top photo taken by Amanda


  1. Happy Birthday, beautiful Miss Kenna!

    I love the Kenna language! I think I'll be chuckling at "hoop-a-loops" all day :)

  2. Happy birthday, Kenna. Kelli, be on the lookout for wedding pics. They'll be on Facebook. There are several of Kenna as she kissed and licked on the cold plate glass window near your table at the wedding. I probably should have stopped her when she started licking the glass, but I just couldn't. I stood there and snapped away while she was oblivious to anything but her reflection in the glass, her lips, and her tongue. When she noticed me standing there, she frowned and took off for her momma's lap! After observing her for just a couple of hours, I could tell that she probably does generate a lot of joy and laughter in your household. And cold feet? Of course give the extra kisses but don't buy that one! Wait for the pics that were taken outside in 40-degree weather.

  3. Happy Birthday, Kenna! No doubt this will be your best year yet. :)

  4. Miss our little ones! Much too quiet here now! We'll start looking at the calendar and dreaming! love d


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