Friday, January 15, 2010

the wedding

The historic and supposedly haunted Hotel Galvez in Galveston, Texas...

The socks...

The (finally!) kiss...

The little man with the laser gun. The light up toys seemed like a great idea at the time and kept all the kids at the reception very happy. Then we got in the car and found out they made noise...

The little girl at the window. A minute before this she had her fingers in the groom's cake so when she found this distraction I decided to just go with it (I didn't know Sharon was taking pictures!)...

The family...

The Days...

The end...?

Nope. Just the beginning.

The photos above of the Hotel, the Kiss, the Family and Kenna were captured by my cousin Sharon (thanks for sharing them, Sharon!)


  1. Can't get enough of the pics. That weekend passed by much too quickly! luv, d

  2. I've said before, but have to say again, this was not only a beautiful wedding but a FUN wedding, too. Being with family I have not seen in a very long time helped. Thank you Kelli and Sharon for wonderful pictures.

  3. It looks like such a beautiful wedding! Congrats to the new Day family!

  4. Great pictures! That tongue on the window moment is priceless.

  5. It was a fun day.


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