Friday, January 22, 2010

trying to believe it

Just a little while ago I got the call. There is an official homecoming date (which could and probably will change as it gets closer but at least we are at the point of setting dates!)
Shawn will be home in less than two weeks.
I took Tristan on a little date the other night to the squadron's "return and reunion" brief. They had some special projects for the kids while the wives talked emotions and paychecks and three a.m. homecomings and then we made welcome home signs. Tristan ate cookies while I drew letters and then I had cookies while I watched him decorate those letters with "camo stuff". Best welcome home sign ever.
This early homecoming has really thrown us for a loop. It's messing with the whole seven emotional stages of deployment or whatever it's called (I'm not kidding -Google it!) I realized that's why I'm having trouble working up the motivation to clean my house or plan meals or find someone to jump start Shawn's dead car battery. My brain isn't there yet. I guess part of me still refuses to believe he is actually coming home only three months after leaving.
But we got that call today so it doesn't matter if I get my brain wrapped around it or not. He's really coming home and we will all have our arms wrapped around him very soon. Surely my brain will catch up then.


  1. hallelujah! wish i could come clean the house and take care of your kids for an afternoon to help you get ready ... good thing shawn doesn't care if anything is "ready" -- he just wants to be home!!

  2. Yay yay yay yay yay!! SO excited for you! Praying for a safe trip home and that the next two weeks fly by for everyone.

  3. What an awesome change in plans!!! Let me know if I can help. Seriously. The kids could come and play while you have an afternoon of productivity.

  4. How about these seven emotions -- relief, happiness, contentment, peace, security, giggles, love! Congratulations!!!


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