Thursday, July 2, 2009

that purple plant

I figured it out! That mysterious purple plant growing so beautifully at the base of our deck stairs is Anise Hyssop. I finally got smart and tasted it (or would that be stupid?) It tasted unmistakably like licorice. I wouldn't recommend chewing up unidentified plants on a regular basis but in this case I figured it would be OK since at some point I purchased it knowing what it was and that it would be safe for my garden. I love a garden mystery solved.


  1. So you bought it and then forgot what the plant was? Or you bought it thinking it was something else?

  2. Once I figured it out I remembered it being on my list of rabbit resistant plants that I went searching for at one particular nursery. It came home next to the bee balm with no tag and my short term memory obviously failed me:)


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