Sunday, July 12, 2009

monday morning

It's raining a good drenching, thundering rain here this morning. The flowers are saying 'thank you'. So is the gardener who has been spared a day of dragging a hose around the yard.
This calls for coffee, library books, maybe popcorn and a movie later on. Yes, we could use a lazy, rainy, summer day.


  1. OOOHHH that sounds FABULOUS!! I hope it's all you dreamed of and more. (Ok, maybe it's my dream... but I hope you enjoy it nonetheless!)

    That picture of the dahlia (is that what it is? Bottom left...) is stunning, too. I love the color in it, and the clarity.

  2. We too are having a lazy rainy monday, although it's actually quite chilly here with the clouds and rain. Nice break from our 90's and no AC.


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