Thursday, July 16, 2009

blankets and birds

Finished! The two projects in the bowl are finished! First there was a sweet and soft, crochet edged swaddling blanket for my newest nephew. Yes, the one that was born way back in April -better late than never? Then there were the birds. Oh those silly birds. They came together with Yiayia's help, of course, during her recent stay. I had them mostly complete but thanks to her the stuffing is no longer hanging out of their tails. Now they are hanging out in the girl's room until I can figure out how to perch them on some birch branches, making a cute mobile. The idea and pattern were free here on the Spool blog.

The blanket turned out beautiful, if a little frilly for a baby boy? I don't know if he will be needing a swaddler at four months but it is deliciously soft and the edge is very grabby so I'm thinking it will make a perfect snuggle blanket at least. I was just so excited to finally finish it I had to share even though Beau won't be receiving it for a few more weeks when we finally get to meet in Kansas City.

Our family will be gathering at Grandad and Yiayia's house in August and I can't wait to get my camera on everyone, this little guy in particular (these photos by his mama, Christie). Check out those eyes! And that hair! And that elfish face! I can't wait!!
We will have two grandparents, seven "kids" and seven cousins all under one roof. Sweet!
It's going to be a very long drive out there. I guess I need to find a new project quick.


  1. Oooh, it's gorgeous!! I love that shade of blue and how it pops against the blanket. What a treasure. And, at this rate, Beau will definitely still be swaddled by then. Oh, and nothing is too frilly for my boys. I definitely think baby boys deserve a few "pretty" things of their own - why try to make little men of them? They're just babies! So bring on the frilliness, I say. :)
    I also love those birds. Were they difficult to sew? The fabrics are gorgeous. Perfect for Kenna and Kate.

  2. Yep, Christie, I had a feeling if anyone was OK with a few frills for her boys it would be you;) I agree, though. Let a baby be a baby! Can't wait to give this one to you.

    Lisa, is Brian coming to KS?
    How's that blog coming along??? :)

  3. You are brilliant.

    And your littlest bundle is simply adorable.


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