Thursday, July 23, 2009


We've had a busy week so far. Swimming lessons, play dates, first food (I forgot how much this hands-on, messy, baby activity adds to an already full day) and all the usual bits of daily life that come together to make a week.
The sun is setting and I am sitting at my computer looking through photos from last weekend's sail with friends and listening to the sounds of bedtime with dad going on upstairs. Shawn is playing the guitar and singing for the kids as they drum out their own version of the rhythm (on the walls? the furniture? the floor? whatever it is, it sounds like it's about to come through the ceiling.)
It's a beautiful sound and I'm thinking it's time I went up and joined in.
I hope you're having a peaceful (if a bit loud) evening too -wherever you are.


  1. Thank you Kelli! I always love your photography and words.

  2. Life was so much more simple when Drew wasn't eating solid foods. For some reason, mealtime is so much more complicated that I have to feed him too, and can't just breastfeed him while we're eating! I can't imagine trying to get meals ready for three!

  3. Awesome pics! thanks d


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