Tuesday, July 21, 2009

dear mom,

Yesterday Tristan told me all about this stuff he calls food. He said it's really good and I should try it. He even gave me some from a bowl with a cool spoon thingy.

I like that spoon thingy.

But what I like most are my fingers and toes. They're my favorites. I have so many I can't ever decide which one to put in my mouth first and now Tristan thinks I should be putting food in my mouth too. Oh and the spoon thingy.

It just seems like a lot, mom. So I don't know if this food on the spoon is going to be like a regular thing or whatever but just so you know, I'm good with milk, fingers and toes. Yep, that's about it. I'll keep being happy and sleeping a lot, I promise. Until I want more milk anyway -like around 4am? I mean that works for you, right?
Thanks mom.

love, kate


  1. So cute...Elizabeth is all about her fingers, but no toes yet...but I also think she has such a tummy, she still hasn't quite discovered them. We started peas last night--oh the real adventures are beginning.

  2. Oh, my goodness, she looks like Kenna ... but then again, oh, my goodness, she looks like Tristan!!!

  3. She's precious. Growing too fast. She looks like Shawn, I think. We got his message last night. Hopefully, the guys can touch base soon and not have to play phone tag. :)

  4. Where did you get that bowl and spoon? Love them!

    Love the toes, fingers, eyes, nose, big brother, all of it - what a cute little 'letter' too! :)

  5. Um, thought this was funny...thought you'd laugh too - on my last comment, the word verification thingy that I had to type was "turdy" - NOT KIDDING ONE BIT. hehehehehahhahaa

    Turdy: (def) diapers resulting from the introduction of solid foods to baby.

    The bowl and spoon set were a gift from Auntie Christie -very special for a first feeding and beyond.
    I think I've seen them at Nova Natural toys...I'd love to find a set of wooden dishes for big kids too.

  7. We have lots of willing hands that will keep food in front of Kate after she arrives in KC. Countin' the days! d


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