Wednesday, July 8, 2009

blazing a trail

I mentioned before how my dad always manages to find some little garden project to work at while he's here but I'm thinking the summer spent in that Florida dorm has caused him some major farming withdrawal. He started with a little watering and some weed pulling and then moved on to bushwhacking with hand clippers! He blazed a long trail through that seriously thick Carolina scrub -with little old dull hand clippers! The arrows up there point to the trail entrance/exit. It winds dark, scratchy and a little scary way back around that middle clump of trees and is full of promise for some good exploring and discovering. Thanks Grandad! We're going to work at keeping it clear and hopefully adding some more trails but I think I'll go out and get some real tools first.


  1. OMG that is hilarious and really impressive! We had a trail like that when we were kids... called it the wagon wheel trail. We used to make up stories about how the people in wagons came through our trail. so so much fun will be had there! And your yard is enormous! WOW!

  2. TOO FUNNY! That is so awesome. You can see the pride on both his and T's faces, too!
    I love that T is wearing his wellies back there... AND I love the panoramic shot!

  3. Your dad is seriously amazing!


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