Saturday, July 25, 2009

pool days

Tristan and his buddy Peter tackled level 1 swimming lessons together this week. They did great although there were a lot of stressful moments for Tristan (like the one above right). He's still not a fan of actual swimming, happy to play in the shallow end and holler "look at me, mom!" as he lets go of the wall where he can still stand. I smile and clap and cheer him on suppressing the former swimmer in me that was so sure her kids would take to the water like little fishes before they could walk. Baby steps. We'll be back for more next month.

Kenna and Anna enjoyed being on their own program in the kiddie pool while we moms did our best to keep the babies happy in the shade while monitoring the toddler play while watching the big kid class. Whew. No wonder we drank so much coffee. I think I spent more at Starbucks than I did on the lessons but I think Christy would call it one of those MasterCard moments...
*iced coffee: $2.60
*watching your kids laugh and play in the sun knowing they will take a great nap later: priceless


  1. Yay for Tristan! Can't wait for he and Lily to enjoy the pool together in August . . . it's been too cool here for our kids to get much swimming time.

  2. If there was a way to share the heat we're having here, I would gladly do it so that you and your kiddos can enjoy some pool time, Christie!! :)

    Kel, I'm glad T is getting better in the water! I think Caleb will be the same way....he's still very timid in the pool, and would much prefer to stay on the steps. Drives Ryan (our resident former super-swimmer) nuts....but I'm sure he'll get there! I hope so - we have many summer trips to the lake ahead in our lifetime!!


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