Saturday, March 14, 2009

sew yiayia sew

As if all the cooking, coffee making, cleaning, clothes washing and diaper changing aren't enough -Yiayia has been sewing! It started with a mammoth job of replacing a couple of zippers in the boat's canvas bimini top (a job we now know my little machine was never meant to take on -but she's got mad skills and made it work!) We then decided curtains in the kitchen would be nice. I say we but I only ordered fabric and I may have sewn a few inches of a hem and probably jammed the machine in the process. Really, this was all Yiayia...

There is another little sewing project I've been wanting to try for months and months so I finally started on that as well. This one I'm actually going to do myself with my meager sewing skills. Maybe I'll have something to show for it soon. Or in like five years...


  1. fun fabrics - both for the curtains and the 'mystery project'!! :)

  2. Cute fabric! I'm excited to hear more of your plans and see the results!


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